Schwedt – Oder, Germany / 2023


Architectural competition:

3rd place



Burckhardt Architektur, Ing. arch. RIchard Čech, Ing. arch. Bořek Němec, Ing. arch. Lukáš Taller


Service and transformation building – Innovation Campus Schwedt/Oder A place for development, research and cooperation, a place of exchange and encounter for everyone. meeting place for everyone. A building that stimulates the visitor's senses and promotes interaction between players through its space and presence. Because the prerequisite for innovation is human interaction, the more interaction the greater the potential to bring people together through chance encounters, who would otherwise never meet. This is the premise of the design, which spans four storeys to create a small spatial chessboard for innovation and, at the same time, its immediate spatial surroundings as a freely as a freely playable area, the large chessboard. Urban structure At first glance, the area on Handelsstrasse appears to be a confusing urban development, a commercial area as we know it from many German suburbs. However, its DNA contains attractive potential and defining elements that are worth worth preserving and strengthening.

230612_INC_Exterior A
230612_INC_Interior B
230612_INC_Interior C