Ruská – Vinohrady, Praha 10 / 2023


Architectural competition:

3rd place



Ing. arch. Bořek Němec, Ing. arch. Lukáš Taller, Ing. arch. Richard Sukač


The location of the simulation centre of the 3rd Medical Faculty of Charles University as an urban solitaire in close proximity to the main building A defines a new representative foreground, the faculty piazzetta, as a worthy foreground to both buildings. The building's main bulk respects the street line created by one wing of the Institute of Graduate Medical Education on the west adjacent lot. The volume of the library then follows the massing of the south elevations of Building A. This shift creates a public forecourt, the piazzetta. A dignified public space creates an entrée to both faculty buildings. The simple form of the new building calms and clearly defines its surroundings, while at the same time creating its own distinct identity through its tectonics, massing and materiality. The new faculty building is a contemporary building that shows its openness. The rhythmization of the large window formats of the ground floor façade with a clearly defined corner entrance signifies the aforementioned openness of the institution. The ground floor becomes the plinth of the building, which faces the street through the entrance foyer of the large lecture hall. The hall is located in the centre of gravity of the house. In the spirit of the Greek nomenclature, the various typical floors with lecture halls form the shaft of the house.